Stay Tuned Tremolo Stabilizing Claw

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What The Stay Tuned Tremolo Claw is.

The Stay Tuned Tremolo Claw is a drop in replacement for your guitar’s standard tremolo Claw. It has two sets of claws, two in the front, three in the back. The front set is fully adjustable and is anchored with Ny-Lock self-locking fasteners. The Stay Tuned Tremolo Claw is made using 16 gauge stainless steel for the best possible durability and longevity.

What the Stay Tuned Tremolo Claw does

The Stay Tuned Tremolo Claw is a Tremolo Stabilizer. Properly installed and set up, any instrument equipped the Stay Tuned Tremolo Claw should:

  • Have a fully floating bridge with any pull up interval desired and a smooth, natural, but more progressive feel.
  • Hard-Tail-Esque bending stability. Set up for maximum stability, it should be possible to bend any one string and have the rest maintain tune. This allows for oblique bends, double stops, and a host of other phasing that would otherwise be impossible with a floating bridge.
  • Less traffic over the nut means you stay in tune longer. Because bends no longer cause detuning of other strings, they spend far less time sliding over the nut and as such instances of going out of tune due to friction point catches are drastically reduced.
  • Vastly improved tuning return after deep dives. With the stay Tuned tremolo claw, your guitar will return to tune after even the most aggressive diving.
  • No Flutter: Heavy strumming no longer causes reaction from the tremolo system.

The key to the Stay Toon’d Tremolo Claw’s appeal is it’s simplicity. It is among the most effective and least expensive tremolo stabilizers on the market even before you consider the tech bill that is saved. Its use causes no adverse effects and installation causes no damage to the guitar or it’s resale value.




The Stay Tuned Tremolo Claw works well with most synchronized tremolo systems. Some exceptions include certain Parker guitars with a smaller tremolo cavity and under-routed Floyd Rose bridges. If you are unsure about your instrument's compatibility, please contact us before you purchase.

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